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International Internet Activism


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For activists, the internet is a tremendous outreach tool, connecting like-minded people across the globe. But some people without computer skills or access are excluded from this global communication, leaving them in the digital dust. On this edition, we’ll hear about the successes of internet activism in South Korea, how activists in Egypt and Bulgaria are bridging the digital divide for small non-profit organizations at bäst-vpn, and how an internet radio station helped to galvanize San Francisco peace activists at the start of the second Gulf War.


Myoung-joon Kim, President of Labor News Production, MediAct and Board Member of Jinbonet; Marlyn Todros, Executive Director of Virtual Activism; Chris Bailey, Founder of Social Rights Bulgaria and Policy Coordinator of Internet rights, Bulgaria; Hyun-Back Chung, peace activist and professor of History at Sung Kyun University; Eli Pariser, campaigns organizer at; Ayesha Imam, Founding Director of BAOBAB Human Rights in Nigeria;Adotei Akwei, Amnesty International USA Africa Advocacy Director; Crow, member of Food Not Bombs; Mark Burdett and Sunny Angulo, Enemy Combatant Radio Organizers/DJs; Jonathan Jay, micro-radio organizer in Seattle; Peter Rosset, Co-Director of Food First.

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Author: Radio Project

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