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2015 Shows 

Show Name


Show Promo Show #
Walking in Two Worlds 05/27/15 Show Promo 21-15
Returning Home: From War Fighter to Student 05/20/15 Show Promo 20-15
Not Throw Away Women: Black and Indigenous Women Disrupt Violence 05/13/15 Show Promo 19-15
#BlackLivesMatter: Alicia Garza on the Origins of a Movement 05/06/15 Show Promo 18-15
States of Censorship: Journalism Under Attack 04/29/15 Show Promo 17-15
The Power of Poetry (Encore) 04/22/15 Show Promo 16-15
BP Five Years Later: Deepwater Horizon and the Cost of Oil 04/15/15 Show Promo 15-15
Heat of the Moment: Sea Level Rise 04/08/15 Show Promo 14-15
The Controversial Nicaragua Canal 04/01/15 Show Promo 13-15
Coffee: Trouble Brewing? 03/25/15 Show Promo 12-15
Fighting Goliath (Part 2) 03/18/15 Show Promo 11-15
Fighting Goliath (Part 1) 03/11/15 Show Promo 10-15
Women Rising 27: A Farm Worker Advocate 03/04/15 Show Promo 09-15
Squatters: Intruders or Innovators? 02/25/15 Show Promo 08-15
Deadly Force: Police Shootings 02/18/15 Show Promo 07-15
From Montgomery to Ferguson 02/11/15 Show Promo 06-15
Motherhood by Choice not Chance ENCORE 02/04/15 Show Promo 05-15
Krip Hop 01/28/15 Show Promo 04-15
My Body, My Message 01/21/15 Show Promo 03-15
A Dream Remembered?: Martin Luther King Jr and the Grassroots Civil Rights Movement 01/14/15 Show Promo 02-15
Race to an Emergency-examining 911 responses Pt. 2 (encore edition) 01/07/15 Show Promo 01-15
Race to an Emergency-examining 911 responses Pt. 1 (encore edition) 12/31/14 Show Promo 53-14

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2014 Shows

Show Name




Show #

Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2014 Year in Review 12/24/14 Show Promo 52-14
Fallen heroes of 2014 12/17/14 Show Promo 51-14
Divest!: Pulling the Plug on Fossil Fuels 12/10/14 Show Promo 50-14
Deadly Divide: Migrant death on the Border 12/03/14 Show Promo 49-14
Making Contact’s 20th Anniversary 11/26/14 Show Promo 48-14
Women Rising 26: A Ride on the People’s Climate Train 11/19/14 Show Promo 47-14
Restorative Justice: Reconciling Face to Face 11/11/14 Show Promo 46-14
Islamic state, Kurdistan, and the new U.S. war in Iraq 11/5/14 Show Promo 45-14
Changing Everything: Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change 10/29/14 Show Promo 44-14
Thwarting Democracy, the Battle for Voting Rights 10/22/14 Show Promo 43-14
Blowing the Whistle, Paying the Price 10/15/14 Show Promo 42-14
Voice Recognition 10/8/14 Show Promo 41-14
The Power of Poetry 10/1/14 Show Promo 40-14
Healthy Messages: Reproductive Health and Pop Culture 9/24/14 Show Promo 39-14
Shh! Life in a State of Surveillance 9/17/14 Show Promo 38-14
Not My War: The Military Deserters’ Dilemma 9/10/14 Show Promo 37-14
Pesticides on the Playground 8/27/14 Show Promo 35-14
All the Presidents’ Bankers 8/20/14 Show Promo 34-14
Ya Basta: How Zapatismo has influenced the US 8/13/14 Show Promo 33-14
Scorched Earth: The Legacy of Agent Orange 8/6/14 Show Promo 32-14
Getting Out: the journey out of prison 7/30/14 Show Promo 31-14
Fighting Goliath (Part 2) 7/23/14 Show Promo 30-14
Fighting Goliath (Part 1) 7/16/14 Show Promo 29-14
Embracing the Elements: Curanderismo 7/9/14 Show Promo 28-14
Women Rising #25 Activists Against Global Armaments and War 7/2/14 Show Promo 27-14
Restorative Justice: Reconciling Face to Face 6/25/14 Show Promo 26-14
All Around Cowboy: Inside the world of queer rodeo 6/18/14 Show Promo 25-14
G.M.No!! Genetically Modified Democracy 6/11/14 Show Promo 24-14
Rad Dads!!! 6/4/14 Show Promo 23-14
GOALLLL! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game 5/28/14 Show Promo 22-14
Seeking Shelter: Building Housing and Community for LGBTQ Elders 5/21/14 Show Promo 21-14
Behind the Kitchen Door: Restaurant Workers’ Fight for Justice 5/14/14 Show Promo 20-14
Reclaiming the Commons 5/8/14 Show Promo 19-14
Our Bodies, Our Stories: Reproductive Health Behind Bars 4/30/14 Show Promo 18-14
Words vs. Bars: How Prison Poets Escape 4/23/14 Show Promo 17-14
Shh! Life in a State of Surveillance 4/17/14 Show Promo 16-14
The Non-Violent Path of Cesar Chavez 4/10/14 Show  Promo 15-14
Sounding the Alarm: Noise Pollution 4/2/14 Show Promo 14-14
Stuck in the Bluff 3/26/14 Show Promo 13-14
Encore presentation: Into Eternity 3/19/14 Show Promo 12-14
Motherhood by Choice not Chance 3/12/14 Show Promo 11-14
Women Rising #24—Activist Women of Greenpeace 3/5/14 Show Promo 10-14
 Show Removed 2/26/14
School’s Out: The Decimation of Public Education 2/19/14 Show Promo 08-14
Foodopoly: Big agribusiness and the monopoly on the food industry 2/12/14 Show Promo 07-14
Cracking the Codes: Dr. Shakti Butler on the System of Racial Inequity 2/5/14 Show Promo 06-14
Insult to Injury? American Indian Sports Mascots 1/29/14 Show Promo 05-14
Jeremy Scahill on Obama’s Dirty Wars 1/22/14 Show Promo 04-14
Dollarocracy: Corporate Cash in Politics 1/15/14 Show Promo 03-14
Race to an Emergency-examining 911 responses Pt. 2 1/8/14 Show Promo 02-14
Race to an Emergency-examining 911 responses Pt. 1 1/1/14 Show Promo  01-14

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