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For release 5/7/2014

Reclaiming the Commons

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For stations using PRSS: Starting with the September 25th episode, Making Contact will change its delivery format on the PRSS from four segments to a single 29 minute segment. We’re making this change to streamline uploading and delivering the program. The program’s internal format – including breaks – will not change at all. A few weeks after the September 25th episode we will change the official segment count in the ContenDepot to reflect the change to single segment delivery. Until then, there will be no audio in segments 2, 3, and 4. Please contact Making Contact producer George Lavender at if you have any questions or concerns.

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We upload program-specific Making Contact promos for stations each week. They are broadcast-quality (128k mp3) and run :59 seconds long. Although this page is refreshed each week, the promos are made permanently available on each show’s web page. Each promo includes 0:10 end bed for station IDs. 

Our website is updated every Wednesday by 6:30am GMT (Tuesday 10:30pm PST). Our homepage features the current week’s show at the top, other recent shows are below it. Click through the appropriate link to get to that program’s permanent page. We recommend you right-click to download the promo. If you want to play the promo before downloading, use Explorer, Safari or Chrome as your browser and click the yellow button at top. Unfortunately, some stations have trouble using Safari to play the file on this page. This is due to technical issues on Safari’s end. We also recommend the 128k (broadcast quality) version. The file compression is 11:1 at 44100 Hz, and retains virtually all aspects of the original sound file that you hear on our CDs, including overall quality, consistent sound level and range of frequencies.

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PLEASE NOTE: this is just an additional option—we are not getting rid of any of the current methods to receive Making Contact.  It’s still available on PRSS Content Depot, Audioport, PRX, and our website! And, please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

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