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Demystifying Unions with Bill Fletcher Jr.


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Unions are getting weaker. Legislation passed in Wisconsin in 2011, and Michigan in 2012 struck at the heart of their traditional member base. To add, the general public no longer understands or supports organized labor says labor leader and author Bill Fletcher Jr..   On this edition, Progressive Radio’s Matthew Rothschild interviews author Bill Fletcher Jr. about why working Americans and unions have lost touch with one another…and what might be done to turn that around.


Bill Fletcher Jr., author of ‘They’re Bankrupting Us’ – And Twenty other myths about unions.

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  1. My sister and I recently had a conversation about unions. She hates them, thinks they are self-serving. For me, even though many are not representing the worker, historically they have been vital to our working conditions, and still have some impact, although less and less. This is a very interesting perspective – made me think.

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  2. I am a teacher and I am struck by the lack of connections that we make with other unions on a state level. There needs to be more effort on educating members and building coalitions with other labor groups.

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  3. Everyone should join a union, regardless of what clothes they wear on the job. Every workplace should have an autonomous employee organization, active and independent of owners and management. Union membership should not be restricted or constrained to a particular occupation or to particular job duties. Unions should unite in strategic coalitions, and develop boilerplate with the goal that it be incorporated in all labor contracts, and generally think beyond their particular union with its particular occupation. Nobody is going to work at one job their whole life any more, and career changes are now the rule, not the exception.

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  4. I am a pipefitter from Union 72….what I see going on is the lack of dedication to the union….mantle…many union Business managers and Business Agents are in a corner when it comes to supplying enough work for all hands that are on deck….the trouble that I see is that there is a gap between the the old in the unions and the young…the ones who are either retired or withing the last five years of their service in the union…we as black people…are definitely at a loss when it comes to our stake in the union brotherhoods of various sorts..because we are a part of both skilled and unskilled labor unions we either willingly or unwillingly believe that the same course of action concerning being put to work applys to us….I say that what we see in terms of unions weakening is not just because the government of the United States of America is not investing in the necessary building of this nation that would require the best in both skilled and unskilled labor and tradesmen. This means that someone must be last on the books…a very wise man taught us that America did not have enough jobs to supply for its own citizens much less for the black man and woman….so now we must network with not only the labor unions (both skilled and unskilled) but we need to network with our business men and women our engineers our political leadership….and our spiritual leadership…I advise anyone black brown red yellow and white…to listen to Minister Farrakhan’s lecture and what he and the Nation of Islam are preparing with the new banking system and economic development program…this is really the right time for our unity as we see this country falling…this is the time of our rise

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