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Obama 2012: The Lesser Evil?


Photo of an Obama campaign poster. Photo by (cc) Flickr user loop_oh

The election of Barack Obama generated hope for a new progressive national agenda. The reality, however, has been a disappointment for many, and leaves open the question for those on the left—is voting for Obama in 2012 the best route to take? On this edition, we hear excerpts of a panel discussion at the 2012 Left Forum, titled “The 2012 Elections: Lesser Evil or Left Alternative?”

Special thanks to People of Color Organize.


Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report co-founder and editor; Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report columnist; Suren Moodliar, Massachusetts Global Action coordinator



Glen Ford Interview, 6 minutes

Exclusive Interview with Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report, conducted by Making Contact Executive Director Lisa Rudman

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Author: IreneFlorez

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  1. There is much I agree with Glen Ford on, but I think his perception of the Occupy movement having too much focus on the oligarchs and not enough on inclusion of the black community is somewhat short sighted. I see the Occupy movement as completely organic. The success of the movement lies in its leadership, not its “recruitment”. People came together out of a global sense of outrage and desperation over the virtual take-over of our economy and our democracy by the oligarchs. The Occupy movement’s power is based on people WANTING to be involved, not on being “recruited”. The mainstream criticism of the Occupy movement is that it does not have a “plan” and it does not have political ambitions. Those are the very reasons it is successful. As soon as it allows itself to be dragged down into a completely corrupt and captive political system, it loses any power it has to make real root-level change. I suggest to Mr. Ford that rather than wait around for Occupy to come to his notion of the black “community”, he make a beeline to join the movement and stand beside the thousands of black brothers and sisters that are already there.

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  2. Obama has lost the support of an energized grass-roots base which helped elect him in 2008. The base wasn’t exactly organized; it was simply people with hope, who believe in the ideals that Obama had seemed to profess. But from the start Obama began betraying those ideals by having closed door meetings with big pharma. He sold us out! Fast forward to secret negotiations with corporations in formulating TPP. Another sellout. And betraying his explicit vow to let states determine policy toward medical marijuana. His has been an administration of continual betrayal!

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  3. congratulation Mr.Barack Obama……American people love you very much…After victory its shows that u are the one who can take united state of america to the bright part and i believe that u don’t let it down……………..Good luck………Now all american and america is ur….

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