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Poisoned Water, Fossil Fuels


Still from the film 'Burning the Future: Coal in America.' Image by:

Mountaintop coal mining. Hydrofracking. The endless search for fossil fuels is polluting our
waterways and our water supplies. On this edition, how the fight to protect clean drinking water is motivating Americans to take action. But with regulatory agencies in the pocket of industrial polluters, will it be enough and will it be too late?

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Amy Goodman, Democracy Now host; Maria Gunnoe, West Virginia organizer and Goldman
Environmental Prize recipient; Bill Raney, West Virginia Coal Association president; Rocky Hackworth, Pritchard Mining Company general manager of operations; Ben Stout, Wheeling Jesuit University ecologist; Jim Hecker, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice environmental enforcement project director; Billy Sammons, Lick Creek, West Virginia resident; Joe Manchin, former West Virginia governor; Janet Keating, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition executive director; Tara Lohan, AlterNet senior editor.


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