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‘Soul of a Citizen’

Author Paul Loeb is re-releasing his book, “Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times.” He’s collected stories of everyday people working for social justice.  On this edition, we’ll hear from Loeb and two people profiled in the book.


‘Race, Immigration and the Fight for an Open Internet’

G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism and New American Media present a panel discussion that looks at net neutrality and the digital divide. What is it? Why should we care? What’s at stake for immigrant communities and communities of color in the fight over who controls the Internet? 


Back from Copenhagen: Moving Climate Justice Forward

The climate talks at Copenhagen closed in 2009 with no binding agreements or timetables for curbing greenhouse gas emissions. On this edition, we hear from climate justice activists who went to Copenhagen and say we need a system change, not climate change.


Color Lines: Race and Economic Recovery

Listen to this audio version of Link TV and Applied Research Center’s video: ‘Color Lines: Race and Economic Recovery’. Hear the untold stories of how racism hurts all of our economic futures. 


Dr. Joanna Macy: Gifts of Uncertainty

Dr. Joanna Macy is a long-time peace, justice, and ecology activist. A celebrated Buddhist teacher, Dr. Macy’s wide-ranging work spans Eastern and Western thought. She spoke at the 2009 Bioneers Conference held in San Rafael, California.