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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Making Contact’s 2009 Year in Review

Two wars continued, the economy remained in freefall, and as hardship ensued, people crafted creative solutions. We look back at some of the most compelling stories we brought you during 2009, and find out where things are headed for 2010.


Cracking the Coup in Honduras

Independent producer Chris Thomas takes us to the streets of Honduras to look at the roots of a long-standing conflict between a powerful oligarchy and the poor and dispossessed majority.


Settlers or Meddlers? A Divided Palestine

Jewish settlers are forcibly expanding their lands. After initially calling for a freeze, the Obama Administration changed course, dimming the prospects for peace. Producer Reese Erlich takes us from the settlements of Hebron to the streets of Ramallah.


How We Survive in these Economic Times

On this edition, we continue our series “How We Survive.” We meet a New York City street canner who’s changed his life and community one can at a time; A San Francisco couple paying the bills … with pickles? And we talk to author John Curl who says an unemployment movement may be on the rise.


Trade Shifts: Reflections on the Seattle WTO Protests

Ten years ago this week, thousands of people shook the streets of Seattle in protest of the World Trade Organization. On this edition, we revisit the voices from that week and find out how global economic forces have shifted in the past decade.