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Guard Us All? Immigrant Women and the HPV Vaccine (encore)

A controversial vaccine is at the intersection of immigrant rights and reproductive justice organizing. The HPV vaccine is mandatory for permanent resident status, and advocates say it follows a history of controlling the
bodies of women of color.


Gay Rights in India: The Struggle Continues

An archaic law making homosexuality illegal in India has finally been overturned. On this edition, we go to India, to hear about the gay community’s struggle for legal rights, and the prospects for cultural acceptance.


Many Voices for a Single-Payer System

Advocates take a stand for a single-payer health care system for all. They say a public plan that cuts out for-profit insurers is the only way to fix our health care woes.


Redefining Black Power in the Age of Obama

Does a black president equal black power? Three African-American community leaders discuss how Obama’s election, and presidency, has changed their perspective on what black power is…and what it isn’t.


The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans (encore)

As we mark the 6th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, reporter Aaron Glantz takes us inside the war as it comes home to our communities. We focus on the role educational institutions can play in helping former soldiers adjust to civilian life.