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Women Rising VIII: International Changemakers Protecting the Environment

On this edition, we profile four courageous young ecology activists, going to court for environmental justice and leading regional cooperation to rescue precious natural resources and indigenous cultures.


North Korean Immigrants: Crossing Borders, Risking All

North Koreans live in one of the most politically oppressive and economically depressed societies on the globe. On this edition, we hear the stories of two North Koreans who crossed border after border, eventually making their way into the U.S.


Dissenters or Deserters?

On this edition, we hear from several U.S. soldiers who made a choice to put their futures on the line. First, by joining the U.S. military, and next by refusing to fight the war in Iraq.


The War on Torture: U.S. Policy Exposed

On this edition, is the U.S. practicing inexcusable torture or are these instances of overzealous intelligence gathering by a nation at war?