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Shh! Life in a State of Surveillance

Who’s watching you? Nowadays it seems everyone wants to get their hands on our personal data. From the FBI to the welfare department, to some of the country’s biggest retailers. On this edition, we take a closer look at the world of surveillance. Featuring Hasan Elahi, artist and Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Charles Duhigg, New York Times journalist and author of “The Power of Habit” Jodie Berger,...


Sounding the Alarm: Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a growing problem. Effecting everything from the lives of people living under airplane flight paths, to marine life. On this edition, we’ll hear from people struggling to be heard over the din of our noisy modern life and ask, is there anywhere left in the world you can get some peace and quiet? Featuring Les Blomberg, Noise Pollution Clearing House executive director Bernie Krause, Wild Sanctuary founder Gordon...


Encore presentation: Into Eternity

The nation of Finland is building an underground cave, to hold thousands of tones of nuclear waste, for at least 100 thousand years. We hear excerpts of the film, “Into Eternity”, which explores the logistical and philosophical quandries around the construction of something that if it works, might very well outlast the entire human race.


School’s Out: The Decimation of Public Education

On this edition of Making Contact we’ll explore how the privatization of public education is playing out across the country and how students and teachers are fighting back. Featuring:    Nuwar Ahmed, Philadelphia Student Union member Joanne Tien, Teach for America alum Su Jin Jez, assistant professor at California State University in Sacramento Justin Fong, Teach For America’s Vice President of Internal Communications Kerry Kretchmar,...


Foodopoly: Big agribusiness and the monopoly on the food industry

From farm to fork, few things matter more than the food we eat. We all want the freedom and opportunity to choose what ends up on our plate- but when a handful of companies control most of the brands you see at the grocery store- what choices are really left? On this edition Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food and Water Watch, author of Foodopoly, and one of the nation’s leading healthy food advocates, says it’s time to...


Cracking the Codes: Dr. Shakti Butler on the System of Racial Inequity (Encore)

How do we talk about race and racism in this country?Not as deeply as we should, according to filmmaker and educator Dr. Shakti Butler. On this edition, we hear excerpts from Dr. Butler’s film “Cracking the Codes”, and speak with her about using the medium of film to start conversations around the thorny issues of racial inequity. Featuring: Dr. Shakti Butler, World Trust founder and Creative Director Humaira Jackson, Hugh Vasquez, Y....