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MAKING CONTACT - a weekly international radio program

On a Mission: The U.S. and the European Right

April 12, 2000

In February 2000 members of a far-right party were sworn in as part of the government coalition in Austria. Extreme right parties have also gained power elsewhere in Europe. On this program we take a look at this trend and its connections to right-wing organizing in the United States.


Martin Lee, author " The Beast Reawakens"; Frederick Clarkson, Institute for Democracy Studies; Jean Hardisty and Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates.

For more information:

Martin Lee
"The Beast Reawakens" ISBN: 0-316-90942-4
c/o Little, Brown and Company

Institute for Democracy Studies
177 East 87th St., Ste. 501
New York, New York 10128
212-423-9237; fax: 212-423-9352;

Political Research Associates
120 Beacon St., Ste. 202
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143-4304
617-661-9313; fax: 617-661-0059;