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MAKING CONTACT - a weekly international radio program

The Politics of Technology

February 17, 1999

Undoubtedly, technology is a dominant force throughout much of the world. It's often at the forefront of major policy decisions -- such as President Clinton's promise to increase military spending by $112 billion dollars over the next six years. Billions of dollars are also earmarked for the Space Missile Defense Initiative, successor to President Reagan's "Star Wars" program. But, what are the implications for the current system of governance in the United States as we move headlong into the new millennium -- spending enormous resources on the production of more technology, while at the same time leaving many of the decisions about what technology we produce in the hands of private interests? On this program, we take a look at technology and democracy.


Paul Goldstene, professor of political theory, California State University, Sacramento, author of "The Bittersweet Century: Speculations on Modern Science and American Democracy"; Madeline Scammell, The Loka Institute.

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Madeline Scammell
The Loka Institute
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413-559-5860; fax: 413-559-5811