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Reclaiming Public Schools: Education in the Trump Era

Outside of the home, children learn about the world, where they fit in amongst their peers, and who they want to be in school.

Access to a quality education means different things to different people. Some families are willing and able to pay top dollar for a private school, other children are homeschooled, while many rely on public schools for their education. And some students are calling for a more thorough and inclusive curriculum in the legislature and in the classroom.

In this edition of Making Contact, we look at two major changes to statewide curriculum in California, and where schools nationwide may be headed under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Special thanks to the Oyez Project for providing free online access to US Supreme Court audio recordings, and Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library for access to their archive.

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  • Kevin Kumashiro, former Dean at University of San Francisco
  • Jose Lara, Social Studies Teacher and Dean at Santee Education Complex
  • Cal Larisch, Student Advocate for LGBT curriculum
  • Don Romesburg, Queer Studies Professor at California State University Sonoma
  • Matthew French, Teacher at Thomas Starr King Middle School


  • Host: Monica Lopez
  • Contributing Producers: Hannah Harris Green & Marie Choi
  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez, R.J. Lozada, Andrew Stelzer
  • Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
  • Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin
  • Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker



Author: Sabine Blaizin

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