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Tent Cities: When Society Fails to House

Tent cities have popped up across the country, from New Jersey to Texas to New Mexico. Many are starting to build more permanent living structures. So what are the benefits of living in a cluster of tents? And is this part of a real solution to homelessness?


  • Eric Tars, Sr. Attorney with The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
  • Jack Tefari, John Reese, Ibrahim Mubarak, Doug, Dignity Village residents
  • Will, John Derrig, Asa Yoe, Chris Semrau, Nicklesville residents
  • Sharon Lee, Low Income Housing Institute executive director
  • Eric Evinowskis, Pinellas Hope facilities manager
  • Rocco Mariano, Laura Letziati, James Stockstill, Pinellas Hope clients


  • Host: Andrew Stelzer
  • Contributing Producers: Sara Bernard


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