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Getting Out: the journey out of prison


Alcatraz_Island_-_prison_cellsNationally, American prisons release more than 650,000 people into society every year. That’s equivalent to the entire population of Memphis or Boston. 

On this edition, producer Aaron Mendelson followed ex-prisoner Kevin Tindall on his journey out of prison.

Special thanks to Claire Schoen and the University of California Berkeley, School of Journalism.


  • Gordon Brown, ex-prisoner
  • Monta Kevin Tindall, ex-prisoner
  • Jerry Elster, ex-prisoner
  • Tom Gorham, Program Director Options Recovery Services
  • Barry Krisberg, Director of Research and Policy and Lecturer in Residence at Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy, UC Berkeley
  • Debra Mendoza, former parole officer, consultant

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