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Restorative Justice: Reconciling Face to Face


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Victims and perpetrators sitting down face to face…it can help heal their wounds, and our society. Incarcerating our way out of crime clearly hasn’t worked, and it’s costing us billions. Meanwhile, school suspensions are reaching record highs.

Now, Institutions across US are finally starting to consider problem solving methods other than punishment.  Restorative justice is gaining ground–in the schools, and behind bars.


  • Paul Jacobsen, Rosa Parks elementary school principal
  • Mekaylah Porter, Marilyn, Rosa Parks elementary students
  • Yari Sandel, restorative justice coordinator
  • Helen Parker, San Francisco’s restorative practices department coach
  • Sonya Shah, Insight Prison Project Justice Program Director
  • Nancy Potts, mother of son killed by drunk driver
  • Chris Scezech, drunk driver
  • Radha Stern, mother of murder victim
  • Sam Johnson, San Quentin prison inmate

Victim Offender Mediation: Nancy Potts, & Chris Scezech

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. What a bunch of BS this is. Criminals keep on doing crime and then aren’t punished for it? Ridiculous

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  2. The State of Texas, after all these years of tossing people in jail, realize that rehabilitation is the way to go. Less recitivism. In the restorative justice model, there is an attempt to take away the power from the criminal and for the victim to take it back. Can never undo the act, but they can try for the rest of their lives to make ammends in some way and for the duration of their lives. One way is to helpe people and stop the cycle of criminal acts.

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