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Taxes are for Suckers


Image by (cc) Flickr user Steve Rhodes

Image by (cc) Flickr user Steve Rhodes

Imagine paying almost nothing in taxes. Sounds great doesn’t it? Some of America’s biggest companies are doing just that and making millions… or even billions in profits- thanks to loopholes and more than a little political influence…On this edition, why does big business pay lower tax rates than the rest of us? And how activists have brought the issue into the spotlight.
This program includes excerpts from the film “We’re Not Broke” produced by Onshore Productions.


Jesse Drucker, Bloomberg News reporter; Rebecca Wilkins, Citizens for Tax Justice attorney; Martin Sullivan, Tax Notes journalist, Jeffrey Winters Northwestern University Professor of Political Economy; David Marchant, Offshore Alert publisher and journalist; Senator Carl Levin; Lee Sheppard, Tax Notes contributing editor; Nicholas Shaxton, “Treasure Islands” author; Jack Blum, tax attorney and investigator; James Henry, “Blood Bankers” author; David Cay Johnston, journalist; Robert Goulder, Tax Analysts editor in chief; Dave Camp, Michigan Representative; Mark Everson, Internal Revenue Service former Commissioner; Ryan Clayton, US Uncut co-founder.

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