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Race to an Emergency-examining 911 responses Pt. 1

When you call 911, who answers the phone? How do they decide who to send to the scene, and how fast will they get there? We bring you a 2-part special—The Race to An Emergency, produced by KALW radio in San Francisco.

We follow the path of a 911 call, and along the way, encounter decades of mistrust that fuel a lack of confidence in the system.

Special thanks to KALW Radio.


Looking Back, Moving Forward: 2013 Year in Review

Making Contact’s media mission is to give voice to those who don’t usually make it on to the airwaves. We look back on how we did in 2013 and bring you up to date on our most compelling and resonating stories of the year. From pregnant women in prison who’ve been mistreated; to the tomato fields of Florida, where the power of community radio helps workers take action. Then out west, to a national forest in California, where wildfires are raising questions about fire management techniques. We’ll also get updates on where those stories stand now. Producer/Host: Nancy López Producers: George Lavender, Andrew Stelzer Contributing Producers: Lisa Bartfai, Jen Chien How Far Have We Come? Justice for Female Inmates in 2013 Up until fairly recently, the public knew very little about what happens to a woman when she lands in jail and is pregnant. What prenatal services does she have access to? How well is she being treated? Where does she go to deliver her baby? Back in March, in our program Our Stories, Our Bodies: Reproductive Health Behind Bars, we explored these questions, and what we found was troubling – stories of pregnant women who were shackled to their beds and others who were sterilized without their informed consent. We’ll also get an update on where these stories stand now. Producers Lisa Bartfai and Jen Chien have more. Featuring Courtney Hooks, Justice Now! campaign and communications director Tina Reynolds, Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH) co-founder and chair Samantha Rogers, California Coalition for Women Prisonersassistant Karen Shain, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children former policy director Victoria Law, “Resistance Behind Bars” author Kimberly,formerly incarcerated mother Joe Higgins, Rappahannock Regional Jail superintendent Carolyn Sulfrin, Ob/Gyn Dr. at the San Francisco Jail, and fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. More info   California Coalition for Women Prisoners Women on the Rise Telling HerStory Legal Services for Prisoners with Children Birthing Behind Bars SPARK Reproductive Justice Now Justice Now Nation Inside Critical Resistance Transgender Gender Variant Intersex Justice California Prison Moratorium Project All of Us or None National Advocate for Pregnant Women The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Strong Families ACLU of Northern California Center for Young Women’s Development The Movement to Stop Prisons From Shackling Women in Labor Builds The Women’ Foundation of California Women’s Policy Institute Diana Kasdan Discusses the ACLU’s Anti-Shackling Initiative Testimonies   Communities Gain Access to Low Power Radio In August we brought you one of our most popular shows of the year: Low Power (Radio) to the People. In October, the Federal Communications Commission was scheduled to open a two week window in which people could apply to...


Fleeing Syria, Seeking Refuge

Over 2 million Syrians have been displaced by that country’s ongoing civil war. Neighboring countries are overwhelmed with refugees. So where else to turn? Heading to more affluent nations isn’t so easy. On this edition, we meet refugees who’ve fled Syria to Turkey, Sweden, and Thailand. They’re trying to navigate a fragmented global refugee policy, in a time of extreme need. Special thanks to our freelance reporters Dalia Mortada, Christopher Holmback, Julia Lundberg, Simba Russeau. Featuring: Ahmad Dabbagh, Ayham Al Fares, Sania, Kais Badro, Syria refugees, Abu Sarah, Hassan Mohammad, Palestinian refugees from Syria. Andrew Gardner, Amnesty International Turkey researcher. Sanna Vestin, Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups chairman. Gregor Noll, Lund University professor of international law. Anoop Sukumaran, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network coordinator. Patra Jirawisan, Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation Policy & Research Officer. Mother Agnes Mariam, Mother Superior of St. James the Mangled Monastery in Qara, Syria. Host/Producer: Andrew Stelzer Producers: Nancy Lopez, Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender Contributing Producers: Dalia Mortada, Christopher Holmback, Julia Lundberg, Simba Russeau Syrian refugee stories from around the world (Click on tabs to hear stories) Turkey Sweden Thailand Turkey-Legal Limbo for 500,000 Syrians In Turkey the refugee crisis has reached unprecedented proportions. Tens of thousands of Afghans have arrived in an effort to get to the European Union, as well as thousands more from Asia and Africa. And more recently, war ravaged Syria to its south has sent more than half a million refugees across the border. But Turkey’s complex refugee laws have left the vast majority of these asylum seekers in legal limbo: they can’t leave Turkey to seek asylum elsewhere, and they’re not legally allowed to work or gain access to basic services like health care. For more, Dalia Mortada reports from Istanbul. Turkey-Legal Limbo for 500,000 Syrians   Sweden-“Open Doors” for Refugees…at a Perilous Risk When it comes to embracing refugees, Sweden is known to be among the friendliest countries in the European Union. Even more so after the Swedish Migration Board announced in September 2013 that every Syrian who goes straight to Sweden can get a permanent residence permit. Over 20,000 Syrians have applied for refugee status in Sweden in 2013, and the vast majority of them are expected to receive asylum. The problem is getting all the way to Sweden. Thousands have died trying to sneak into the EU, and their situation made headlines in October, when a boat full of migrants sank and 366 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, outside Italy. Now, for the first time in decades, several Swedish politicians are publicly demanding that refugees be given legal and safe possibilities to seek asylum in Sweden...


Greatest hits: Partners in the Struggle-allies in political movements

What does it mean to be an ally in a political movement? From white Americans in the civil rights era, to Israelis in Palestine, to Latino-Americans working with the undocumented…a roundtable discussion on the do’s and don’ts of how to be an effective ally.


2013: The Year the Prison System Changed?

Years of campaigning for basic human rights for people caught up in America’s criminal justice system may finally be paying off.


Conquest: Sexual Violence and Native American Genocide

Native American women experience the highest rates of violence of any other group in the United States. One in three native women have been victims of sexual assault and the murder rate of indigenous women is consistently higher than the national average. On this edition, Andrea Smith, author of “Conquest: Sexual Violence and Native American Genocide” explains the connection between violence against women, and the colonization of native lands and bodies.


Atomic States of America: The Rise and Fall of Nuclear Energy

While countries like Japan, Italy and Germany begin to phase out their use of nuclear energy, the US aims to build the first new nuclear power plant in nearly thirty years. We hear excerpts from the film The Atomic States of America , which chronicles the rise of nuclear energy, the high price some communities have paid for it, and how the U.S. is pushing to redefine nuclear as green to meet our energy demand. Special thanks to Specialty Studios. Featuring:  Kelly McMasters , author of Shirley: A Memoir from an Atomic Town; David Lochbaum , nuclear engineer and senior member of Union of Concerned Scientists; Arnie Gunderson , nuclear engineer and former senior vice president of Nuclear Energy Services; Christine Todd Whitman , co-chair of CASEnergy Coalition, former New Jersey governor and administrator for the U.S Environmental Protection Agency; Eric Epstein , chair of Three Mile Island Alert; Neil Sheehan , spokesperson for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Paul Cataldo , NRC resident inspector for Indian Point Unit 3; Michelle Catts , NRC resident inspector for Indian Point Unit 2; Dr. Helen Caldicott , co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility; Randy and Lauren Snell ; Alec Baldwin,...


Greatest hits-Bigger Than Hip-Hop: Youth Speakin’ for Themselves

Spoken word. Its poetry…its hip-hop…and it’s increasingly, the chosen means of expression for today’s youth. On this edition we bring you the poets and students of Youth Speaks, from their annual event in honor of another master orator, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Special thanks to Youth Speaks. Featuring: James Kass, Youth Speaks founder & executive director; Talia Young, Dante Clark, Gretchen Carvahol, Prentice Powell, Justin Jodiatis, spoken word artists. —WEB SEGMENTS— Full length recording of Youth Speaks ‘Bringing The Noise for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ – January 16, 2012 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. For More Information: Youth Speaks Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation, Vona Read, Write, Think Hot Water Cornbread Red Room Poets Split this Rock Poetry National Association for Poetry Therapy Poetry Foundation Philly Youth Poets Articles: ‘This Is the Time for Poetry’: A Conversation With Alice Walker Adrienne Rich, LA Times obituary MUSIC: Dear Mama by Tupac Hip-Hop by Dead Prez...


Behind the Kitchen Door: Restaurant Workers’ Fight for Justice

Americans eat out more than any other people. But the workers who put food on our restaurant tables are struggling to feed themselves and their families. On this edition, Saru Jayaraman, co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and author of “Behind the Kitchen Door” makes the case for bringing justice to our restaurants, and how ordinary diners can help.


Into Eternity

The nation of Finland is building an underground cave, to hold thousands of tones of nuclear waste, for at least 100 thousand years. We hear excerpts of the film, “Into Eternity”, which explores the logistical and philosophical quandries around the construction of something that if it works, might very well outlast the entire human race.