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Drones: A New Death From Above


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Drone shot down over Jau, March 13, 2012. Photo by (cc) Flickr user ENOUGH Project

It’s being sold as a cleaner way to wage war. But unmanned military drones are wreaking havoc in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere. On this edition, we bring you voices from Pakistan of families destroyed by drone strikes. And we hear from Medea Benjamin and other activists who are working to build a global movement against this controversial military technology, which accelerated after 9/11.


Medea Benjamin, Code Pink founder; Sister Megan Rice, anti-nuclear activist; Pakistani drone attack survivors and their family members

Web Exclusives:

Medea Benjamin interview

For More Information: 

Code Pink
New America Foundation: The Year of the Drone
Nevada Desert Experience
Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control by Medea Benjamin
Peace of the Action
Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
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The Upstate NY Coalition to Ground the Drones & End the Wars
Renard Surle 

Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare 2001-2059


Articles/Videos, etc.:

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Tosca, “Rosa”
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Bola, “Forcasa 3”
Tycho, “Adrift”
Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Bibo No Aozora”
Renard Surle


Author: IreneFlorez

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  1. from a friend of mine on FB, this comment: “Concerning the podcast Making Contact about the drones.

    I admire Medea Benjamin courage to find the truth on this matter. I think the most impressive part of this account is where Medea relates the method used by the President to decide who lives and who dies. The very idea that the President plays God seems to me a negation of the concepts of justice that this country has worked on for centuries. I think of it as tyranny. In a better world, the President would go on trial for these crimes. I fear for the U.S. will it faces “blowback” from these murders.”

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  2. I wanna give thanks to Medea Benjamin for her courageous act during the press conference and also to the national radio project for bringing such a serious issue in front of us.because before hearing this tape i was along the people who thinks that US is killing the militants,which is really a bull i wanna say to the Americans to raise their voice against their govt such we know america is super in the world so Americans should know that great power gives u great responsibilities.So u Americans r responsible for the killing of u should stand against this.remember the money u r giving as a tax r using to kills innocent in Afghanistan in wajiristan.

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  3. Use of drones is a draconian war crime and, when used on US citizens, unconstitutional.

    The US seems to have forgotten about due process, which will hasten the abandonment of the political party system as it now exists; or we will live in a greater and greater dystopic police state.

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  4. This is an appreciated approach of Media Benjamin, it is the voice of that people who have been targeted by drones in Waziristan (Pakistan) and Afghanistan. This drones attacks are motivating to militancy, Imagine if some one loss their relatives in drones attacks what he/she can do in response if he/she is getting anomia.

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