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Police Tape: From Rodney King to Aiyana Jones

It’s been 20 years since four white police officers were cleared of unlawfully beating Rodney King in Los Angeles. But we might never have heard of Rodney King had it not been for an amateur cameraman who caught the whole thing on tape. On this edition, we hear how video cameras have changed the way we see the police.


Bigger Than Hip-Hop: Youth Speakin’ for Themselves

Spoken word. Its poetry…its hip-hop…and it’s increasingly, the chosen means of expression for today’s youth. On this edition, to celebrate National Poetry month, we bring you the poets and students of Youth Speaks, from their annual event in honor of another master orator, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Special thanks to Youth Speaks. Featuring: James Kass, Youth Speaks founder & executive director; Talia Young, Dante Clark, Gretchen Carvahol, Prentice Powell, Justin Jodiatis, spoken word artists. —WEB SEGMENTS— Full length recording of Youth Speaks ‘Bringing The Noise for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ – January 16, 2012 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. For More Information: Youth Speaks Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation, Vona Read, Write, Think Hot Water Cornbread Red Room Poets Split this Rock Poetry National Association for Poetry Therapy Poetry Foundation Philly Youth Poets Articles: ‘This Is the Time for Poetry’: A Conversation With Alice Walker Adrienne Rich, LA Times obituary MUSIC: Dear Mama by Tupac Hip-Hop by Dead Prez...


Justice in the Home: Domestic Workers Re-define the Labor Movement

With the passage of New York’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2010, workers are now organizing in California and other states to win basic rights and protections long denied to this labor force. On this edition, we look at past and present struggles of domestic workers.


Bees: The Threatened Link in Food Security ENCORE

Honey bees help pollinate 1 in every 3 bites we eat. But they’re fighting to survive, in a world filled with pesticides and parasites. We’ll learn about colony collapse disorder and hear from beekeepers, researchers, and gardeners who are trying to protect the honey bee.