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Cornel West & Carl Dix: Pursuing Justice in the Age of Obama


Cornel West and Carl Dix in dialog (event poster)

With the world in transition, and the future so unclear, what kind of promises can we make to our children? What can we do to ensure a just world for them? And what are the youth doing now to make it happen for themselves?

On this edition, we hear a dialogue between Princeton University professor Cornel West, and Revolutionary Communist Party USA spokesman Carl Dix about the future of America’s youth in the age of Obama.


Cornel West, professor at the Center for African American Studies and Department of Religion at Princeton University; Carl Dix, co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

Special thanks to Alton Byrd and Revolution Books.


Full speeches by Carl Dix and Cornel West, which took place at the University of California, Berkeley on Dec. 2, 2011

Dialogue between Cornel West and Carl Dix

Question and Answer session with Cornel West and Carl Dix

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“The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander


“Someday We’ll All be Free” by Donny Hathaway

“Sinnerman” by Felix da Housecat ft. Nina Simone

Author: Kwan

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this program and thank you for offering it.

    While one cannot deny his cultural and political importance, Professor West suffers, I have always believed, from a question of legitimacy. He is, undeniably, a major figure whose penetrating and original thought cuts across several distinct fields and schools. His message, which has been consistent for many years–even back to his early studies on American Pragmatism–is compromised by his professional affiliation with Harvard/Princeton, both as student and professor. If he professes to endorse as form of radical, inclusive participatory democracy (as he does in his more popular writings and in his forum discussions with Carl Dix), why was he a member of the most elitist, anti-democratic institutions in this country? Yes, I appreciate the importance of his “free choice of a free blackman” counter-argument which he has posited on several occasions, but it still does not mitigate the seemingly disconnection between message and practice. The power and force of his figure and his words would have a much greater impact and affect if spoken in the halls of CUNY or UCLA. It is a shame since it renders his words under a pale of disingenuousness. The announcement of his recent move to the Theological Seminary in NYC does not, however, resolve the decades of illegitimacy framing his career as an activist.

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  2. I had never heard Cornel West at his most rhetorical, literary and poetic. Perhaps he missed his calling–not moving into poetry and song. He is brilliant!
    Bob Avakian, quoted extensively by Carl Dix, has been speaking and writing for many, many years.
    Thanks for the program!

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  3. GREAT RESPECTS!!!!! I was there in spirit
    I really would of liked to been present @ this lecture/speakers

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