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Occupy: From Encampments to a Movement

As the Occupy movement continues to grow participants, activists and community organizers are grappling with how to ensure that Occupy develops beyond tents and into long-term systemic change.


Words As The Way To Freedom: Jimmy Santiago Baca

He went from illiterate street kid, to world renowned poet. But it was in prison that Jimmy Santiago Baca connected with his Native American and Chicano heritage, and began learning the lessons of his people’s past. On this edition, Progressive Magazine editor Matthew Rothschild sits down with Jimmy Santiago Baca.


Ali Abunimah on ‘Delegitimizing’ Israel

Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah says a global movement against Israeli government policy is breaking through. On this edition, Abunimah explains why he thinks Israel has ‘lost the argument’ over who’s right and wrong, and where he thinks the movement to free Palestine is headed next.


Gang Injunctions in London

As part of our investigation into how and whether gang injunctions effectively fight crime, we looked to one of the newest places where the crime fighting strategy is being rolled out: London, England. Making Contact reporter Daniel Gordon filed this report from London, where the first gang injunctions went into effect earlier this year. The story explores how economics and race are major factors in how society treats crime in England, just as in the US. And just as in Oakland, CA, many advocates and young people themselves say there are better solutions to be found. This program is reader supported, thanks to...


Veterans of Occupation: From Iraq to Wall Street

On this edition, we bring you the voices of Veterans from Occupy Wall Street and a special report on veterans returning home from war and the struggles they endure from inadequate healthcare to the inability in finding employment.


Who Controls Black Women’s Bodies?

Reproductive health services for women are under attack, leaving poor women and women of color lacking access. But a broad coalition of women is striking back, changing the conversation on abortion and race.

WARNING: This program contains graphic language.