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Nail Salon Businesses Go Green in Bay Area

Nail salon workers and advocates are pushing hard to change public policy around exposure to toxic chemicals. But there’s also a movement coming from businesses themselves to make the salons greener and safer for workers and consumers. Correspondent Momo Chang has more.


Nail Salon Workers Speak Up About Chemical Exposure

Making Contact Producer Pauline Bartolone explores the health impact of chemical exposure on nail salon workers, and what groups are doing to protect them.


The Toxic Truth About Nail Salons

We take a look at the health impacts of chemical exposure, the shoddy regulation of cosmetics, and the movement towards greener nail salons.


Sex, Lies, and the Classroom

Decades after Roe v. Wade, many young people still lack the resources to make informed choices about sex. On this edition, a discussion about comprehensive sex Ed in schools, federal funding, and parental involvement.


Avoiding A New Korean War

North Korea and the United States are still technically at war. Many view North Korea as a strange and rogue country that threatens U.S. security. But others argue that North Korea’s actions have legitimate basis and that historical context is critical to understanding the issues.


Beyond Gay Marriage (Encore)

For many people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, the struggle to legalize gay marriage across the U.S. remains the priority political battle. But others in the LGBT community disagree. They question whether gay marriage should be the central issue of their movement.