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The New Face of Military Recruiting


Graffiti, Worchester Military Recruitment Center. Credit: Mike Benedetti

Stretched to supply the manpower to fight two wars, the US military has stepped up efforts to recruit teenagers and young adults. Videogames, social networks, and the schools themselves are all fertile soil for Pentagon recruiters.

On this edition, guest host Anna Sussman hosts a roundtable discussion about the new face of military recruiting, and counter-recruiting efforts taking place.

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Sandra Schwartz, American Friends Service Committee San Francisco Peace Education Coordinator; David Ledesma, One Voice Executive Director; Sokthy Mean, Bay-Peace counter recruiter.

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Author: Kwan

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  1. These were all a bunch of misinformed liberal idiots. The statements were unfounded and completely opinion. You find the kid with the lowest GPA in a bad school and the oldest tree-hugging liberal to ask them what the think of military recruiters?! You have to be kidding me. This is why this country is in the position it is in. All of our men are soft handed, non-working cry babies. If it werent for the people who serve this country we all would be wearing turbons and praying five times a day.

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  2. I like how they’re trying to cling onto the, what, 10% of American soldiers who actually SEE combat during their career. If there’s one thing these people need to know, it’s that the decision to join the military is something you can build your life around. It’s NOT a death sentence. I’m 17 years old and I’ve grown up around the military all my life. My mom has been in since she was 17. We’re alive, believe me.

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