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The New Face of Military Recruiting

Stretched by fighting two wars, the US military has stepped up efforts to recruit teenagers and young adults.  Guest host Anna Sussman hosts a round table discussion about the new face of military recruiting, and counter-recruiting efforts taking place.


California’s Prop 19: The End of the War on Marijuana?

Californians went to the polls this past November to vote on whether to legalize marijuana. On this edition, we look at the damage wrought by the failed war on marijuana, with a focus on the millions caught in the criminal justice system.


Robert Fisk: The Terror of Power and the Power of Terror

Long time Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk speaks about the power of words in shaping public opinion and public policy, and the tragic consequences of a press corps that toes official line: in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.


Women for Women in Juarez

In Ciudad Juárez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, there have been nearly 500 known cases of femicide in under two decades. Joe Richey speaks to several women in Juarez about what it’s like to live in the most violent city in the world.


New ‘Femicide Law’ in Bolivia Put Forth to Curb Murder of Women

In Bolivia, violent crimes against young women have risen dramatically. But a new law that may pass by the end of 2010, would give a sentence of up to 30 years’ prison for the murder of women.


Protagonists for Change: Women Against Violence in Latin America

In Latin America, sexism and impunity contribute to violence against women. But the region is also home to powerful female voices, and effective movements for the advancement of women.