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Here Come Los Suns: Dave Zirin on Sports and Resistance

Sports writer Dave Zirin tells the story of how the Phoenix Suns basketball team took a stand against their state’s anti-immigrant bill SB1070. He says athletes, too, can be revolutionaries.


Oscar Grant and Police Accountability

We take a look at the police killing of Oscar Grant in Oakland, and the debate over who gets to decide when an officer has done something wrong.


Venezuela: Is the Bolivarian Revolution Working?

Venezuela is undergoing a modern day revolution. Workers, small farmers and the poor consistently vote for socialist President Hugo Chavez. Economically better-off citizens denounce the president as a communist who is destroying the country, but even some on the left criticize Chavez.


Lessons from Latin America

We hear from activists and experts who say the U.S. can learn a lot from social movements in Latin America.