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Art in Action

Art is everywhere…but why do we do it? On this edition, we speak with young artists of diverse backgrounds who use their independent experiences and creative impulses to talk about race, identity, and politics…and along the way to self-reflect.


The Road to Detroit: US Social Forum 2010

This June, the US Social Forum will be held in Detroit, Michigan.  We look at how Domestic Workers got organized at the last US Social Forum and we ask, what can we learn from the fall and rise of one of America’s great industrial cities?


How We Survive: The Crisis in K-12 Education

State budgets are strapped and deep cuts to public programs continue. On this edition, we look at the crisis in K through 12 education. While the Obama administration pushes states to “Race to the Top,” teachers, parents and students are resisting budget cuts from the bottom up.


Heavy Weather (Part II)

We’ll hear part two of a documentary called Heavy Weather, produced by freelancer Barbara Bernstein. She’ll look at how climate change is creating new challenges in urban communities as they recognize the need to think and act sustainably.