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Native Harvest in a Modern World

An agricultural renaissance has taken root among the Taos Pueblo people in New Mexico. Sustainable agriculture is returning, after years of unhealthy food, poor health and obesity. Rita Daniels brings us a story of rebirth and renewal.


Making Food Available in the City

Urban landscapes may be littered with stores, but that doesn’t mean residents can find a healthy meal. Making Contact’s Megan Martenyi has more on a project bringing healthy food to low income neighborhoods in Oakland,...


The Will to Resist: Dahr Jamail on U.S. Soldiers and Iraq

We interview journalist Dahr Jamail about the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the growing refusal to serve among members of the US military. He talked about his new book: “The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan”.


How We Survive: Sprouting Up in Empty Breadbaskets

The irony of food poverty in California’s agriculturally rich Central Valley and a look at community gardens popping up in food deserts. We also explore a project bringing healthy food to low income neighborhoods in Oakland, California.


When Food is Trucked into a Breadbasket

Making Contact’s Pauline Bartolone has this report about food insecurity in Fresno.


The Mission to End Prohibition

Polls show there’s a cultural shift taking place regarding the so-called “war on drugs”. On this edition, a former narcotics officer, and a leading drug reform activist, examine the roots of America’s current drug policy.