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Tapped Out: Clean Water in Peril (hour-long special)

We’ll hear from U.S. water stewards across the country, from a grassroots toxic canal clean up to a long-standing
watershed war. They’re people working to protect and restore our valuable fresh waterways and to keep water resources part of a shared global commons.


La Llorona: An Evolving Myth (encore)

The story of the weeping woman has been told since the time of the Spanish conquest. In this edition, we look at the myth of La Llorona as told in Oakland, California today, and explore how its meaning has grown and changed over time.


Immigrant Families Behind Bars

In a special collaboration with Feet in Two Worlds, we hear about an immigrant family torn apart after an immigration raid in Arizona. Also, grassroots efforts help change policies at a detention center in Texas.


American Peace Activists on the Streets of Kabul

Almost everyone in the U.S., in one way or another, does business with the banks. But the business of borrowing isn’t always fair. We talk to lenders who do things differently and those who stave off financial scams.


How We Survive: Predatory ‘Mending’

Activists have been setting up community-run check-cashing and community loan funds as an alternative to predatory lending practices which led to our current foreclosure crisis.l