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How We Survive: The Deepening Homeless Crisis (encore)

We visit with a family who lost their home and now lives inside their cramped trailer in a city parking lot. And we’ll hear how two different communities are dealing with the economic crisis by taking matters into their own hands.


Swimming Upstream: Can Our Rivers Be Saved?

Freshwater is our most vital natural resource. It’s a finite one too, although we don’t always treat it that way. So how do we protect our water supply? Many say start at the source––take care of the rivers.


Breaking through the Blue Wall of Silence

Who polices the police? Cities across the country are creating civilian oversight agencies making local police and sheriffs accountable to the people.


How We Survive: Resisting Foreclosures

A look into how communities and everyday people around the U.S. are resisting foreclosure of their homes. We take a stab at the question: are rescue programs actually working?