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Many Lines of Fire: Women at War (encore)

The changing nature of the Iraq war has placed many women at the center of the conflict. Yet the women serving and dying for the U.S. have received very little attention. Who are they, why did they join and what are their experiences and points of view?


A Chronology of Capitalism

For the first time in recent memory, mainstream media and everyday Americans are considering the value of other economic models. We hear from 3 people who’ve been sounding the alarm about capitalism’s house of cards for years.


The War Dance of the Winnemem Wintu

A small tribe in Northen California tell the story of their struggle to prevent the flooding of the sacred land they have called home for centuries.


A Report Back from the World Water Forum

One billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and at least 31 countries face water scarcity. We hear from organizers working for the right to water on a global level, about the failures of private water management, and alternatives to corporate control.