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Green Jobs, Race and Economic “Recovery”

The Obama Administration is spending billions to create so-called green jobs. But what are these jobs and who will get them? We hear from community advocates who are working to make sure the green jobs money benefits those who need it the most.


What Ever Happened to the Buena Vista Social Club?

The Buena Vista Social Club CD and documentary film were hits, but may have created some myths about Cuba and the musicians themselves. Independent producer Reese Erlich spent years interviewing the musicians and separates fact from fiction.


Tax Me, I’m Yours

It’s tax time. Yet even in these hard economic times, many folks are calling for more taxes. On this edition, we hear from people who say we need to reframe the tax structure to support “the commons” and fund socialprograms.


Women Rising IV: Women as Religious Activists (encore)

Three courageous women struggling with religious issues within their own religions and across religious lines.


Guard Us All? Immigrant Women and the HPV Vaccine

A controversial vaccine is at the intersection of immigrant rights and reproductive justice organizing. The HPV vaccine is mandatory for permanent resident status, and advocates say it follows a history of controlling the bodies of women of color.