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Food for Thought

Solutions for our ongoing food crisis are explored, from food production in a skyscraper to urban farms and food banks.


Dismantling the Master’s House: Indigenous Strategies and the Limits of Law

Around the world, indigenous communities are fighting for ­ and winning ­ long-awaited legal and political recognition. At times this recognition leads to special laws and status for First Nations people, but some say this new status comes at a cost: the loss of true self-determination for their communities.


State of Fear: Arizona’s Immigrant Crackdown

On this edition, Making Contact producer Andrew Stelzer brings us the story of Maricopa County where Sheriff Arpaio’s policing tactics, which many call illegal, may be paving the way for future U.S. immigration policy.


La Llorona: An Evolving Myth

Student producer Beth Hoffman brings us a look at the myth of La Llorona as told in Oakland, California today, and tells how its meaning has grown and changed over time.