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radio stories and voices to take action

Prison Town, USA

In our special collaboration with public television’s P.O.V., Directors Katie Galloway and Po Kutchins take us to “prison town, usa” where they explore how the industry affects correctional officers, their families, and whole community.


Paradise Lost: Military Training in Makua Valley (encore edition)

Native Hawaiian and Making Contact intern Samson Reiny reports on what happens when the military takes over Makua Valley, a historically sacred land, and on how people are fighting back to reclaim this once pristine area.


Live From Main Street: Miami’s Economic Crisis and Sustainable Future

Live from Main Street takes us to the streets of Miami, Florida for a town hall discussion of how local communities and grassroots groups are facing the economic and housing crunch while working to build a stronger sustainable city.


Women Rising XVII: Climate Change and Water

We profile two women activists taking on the global water crisis, warning us about the link between climate change and the loss of one of our most basic human requirements.


Veterans Speak Out: Winter Soldier

In March 2008, hundreds of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans shared their personal stories showing how the military occupation of a foreign country inevitably leads to war crimes, an increase in racism, dehumanization, and sexism.