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Immigration Nightmares: From Raids to Deportations

On this edition, we’ll follow the trail from ICE raids in New York City, to a detention center in Texas, and finally, deportation to Tijuana, Mexico to explore the lives of undocumented workers who live in constant fear of being arrested, jailed and deported.


America, America

On this edition, ‘America, America’ we go to the streets of richmond, california where Jairo’s story takes place to hear how a life altering event could force him hang up his cleats and choose between game he loves people loves.


Cracks in the Edifice

Participants at Left Forum identified the ongoing war in Iraq… the impending economic recession… and the devastating results of free trade policies worldwide as issues as more than just failings of the current administration, but instead, as cracks in what they call “the edifice” of u.s. empire.


Who Would Jesus Tax? (encore edition)

We talk with a single mom and a tax fairness advocate to debunk some myths about how wealth is created and what people can do to change tax policy and at how an under-reported union between political conservatives and the Christian right preserves the gap between the haves and have-nots.


A Crisis of Care: Gina’s Story (Part 2)

On the second of our three-part series, ‘A Crisis of Care,’ a look inside California’s prison health care system, we continue ‘Gina’s Story.’