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Rhythms of Zapata

Every major social movement has its music, its anthems, its songs. Music tells the story of a people, their dreams, their hopes, their vision for a different world. But what happens when the music crosses borders to embrace new cultures? In the U.S., people of color have been turning more and more to the Zapatismo, a Mayan indigenous movement in the jungles and mountains of southern Mexico, as a source of hope and as proof that, as...


Whose Neighborhood is This Anyway?

On this edition, Making Contact intern Joaquin Palomino spoke to former gang members, and other mission residents, about gang injunctions, a controversial legal strategy that’s divided the community of San Francisco.


Still Talking About Sex

On this edition, we’ll hear from the former attorney general, Joycelyn Elders, who to this day remains a fierce advocate for health related policies.


From Brooklyn to Bethlehem: Separate Histories, Common Struggles

In this program, we’ll explore the power of solidarity…from the perspectives of young people in Brooklyn, New York, a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and a historian and mother who lives in Palestine.