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Rhythms of Zapata

Every major social movement has its music, its anthems, its songs. Music tells the story of a people, their dreams, their hopes, their vision for a different world. But what happens when the music crosses borders to embrace new cultures? In the U.S., people of color have been turning more and more to the Zapatismo, a Mayan indigenous movement in the jungles and mountains of southern Mexico, as a source of hope and as proof that, as the Zapatistas say, a different world is possible. On this edition, we go to East Los Angeles, where a number of Chicano artists inspired by the Zapatistas have been using music to raise awareness in their own communities and to struggle for a better world. This show has been a special collaboration between National Radio Project and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Thanks to student producer, Alejandro Reyes who wrote and edited this show under the guidance of independent media producer and UC Berkeley journalism lecturer, Claire Schoen. Featuring: Luv the Messenger, Rapper and youth activist; Marisol, Performance artist and activist, member of Chusma, In Lak Ech, Self-Help Graphics, Chicano Records and Films; Nico, Poet and youth activist and Poets del Norte member; Xela, Rapper and youth activist and Cihuatl-Ce member; Olmeca, Hip-hop artist and activist; Joel García, Graphic artist and activist; Tolteka, Hip-hop artist and activist; Roberto Flores, Researcher and Zapatista activist; Elisa Mejía, Activist, Radio Insurgencia Femenina (KPFK, Los Angeles) and Center for Popular Action member; Colectivo Error, Musicians and activists; Sherman Austin, Hip-hop artist and activist against police violence; Cynthia, Priscila, Crystal, fans at concert; Dan Nemser, UC Berkeley student and Zapatista activist; Joaquín Cienfuegos and Josefina Macías, Cop Watch Los Angeles and Revolutionary Autonomous Communities members; Manuel Macías, Cop Watch Los Angeles supporter; Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) spokesman and military leader. Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio Contributing Producer: Alejandro Reyes Producer: Andrew Stelzer Associate Producer: Puck Lo Interns: Samson Reiny and Elena Botkin-Levy For more information: Eastside Café – El Sereno, CA Cop Watch Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA Revolutionary Autonomous Communities Radio Insurgente Radio Zapatista Zapatista Army of National Liberation Artists: Olmeca Tolteka Xela Marisol Limón Nico Joel García Luv the Messenger Sherman Austin Groups/Artist Collectives: Cihuatl-Ce In Lak Ech Chusma Poets del Norte Quinto Sol Fuga Dilated Peoples Banda Bassotti Flor del Fango Tijuana No Aztlán Underground Colectivo Error Additional Information: “Harlem community fights gentrification – allied with...


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