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Reproductive Justice: Voices from SisterSong (encore edition)

On this edition from our Women’s Desk, we hear from three women advocating for comprehensive reproductive health, that include the issues of sex education, HIV and AIDS prevention, housing, educational opportunities, queer-conscious-healthcare, the economic resources to support a child, the right to live free of violence, as well as an analysis of reproductive technologies.


Paradise Lost: Military Training in Makua Valley

Native Hawaiian and Making Contact intern Samson Reiny reports on what happens when the military takes over Makua Valley, a historically sacred land, and on how people are fighting back to reclaim this once pristine area.


Invaders From Another Ecosystem

On this edition, U.C. Berkeley Journalism student producer Eric Simons takes a closer look at the control of one of San Francisco Bay’s invaders from another ecosystem, by visiting the wetlands around the San Francisco Bay, where scientists are waging a scorched-marsh campaign against a devastating kind of East Coast grass.


Resisting Illegitimate Authority in Today’s Political Context

On this edition, we’ll hear excerpts from the panelists that participated in the forum, “Resisting Illegitimate Authority in Today’s Political Context” discussing examples and strategies of resistance.


Beyond Bars: Community Resistance to Prison Expansion (encore edition)

On this edition, Dr. Gilmore, a key figure in the grassroots movement fighting prison expansion in California, extracts lessons from more than two decades of on-the-ground community organizing against what has been termed the “biggest prison building project in the history of world.”