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The Iran Agenda

Is Iran developing nuclear weapons? Does the U.S. plan to bomb Iran? What do the people of Iran think about U.S. policy? Independent producer and book author Reese Erlich looks at the Bush administrations efforts to overthrow the government of Iran.


On New Ground: Liberating Gender & Sexuality

How do we challenge and overcome gender and sexual oppression? Three speakers at the Atlanta U.S. Social Forum have some answers.


Women Rising XIII: Enterprising Women

We profile four women entrepreneurs, bravely starting businesses where no one else has ventured and who are leading a worldwide grassroots movement to create micro-enterprise.


Mothers, Migrants and Maids of Honor (encore edition)

They’re mothers, their migrants and they’re caregivers to our children and our
elders. Domestic workers are the backbone of many American families, their own families and their communities.