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The Growing Iraqi Refugee Crisis

On this edition, correspondent Dahr Jamail takes us to the streets of Damascus, Syria where we hear from the Iraqi refugees themselves and the organizations trying to assist them.


“Gulf Coast Reconstruction in the Post-Katrina Era,” U.S. Social Forum Atlanta

On this edition, we will hear from four people speaking at the U.S. Social Forum. They are working to rebuild and strengthen their damaged communities.


Tour of Duty: Soldiers Visit Southern Military Bases

On this edition, Making Contact’s Sarah Olson brings us along for the ride. We meet the veterans who spent a week traveling to military base towns throughout the south, and we hear from people they encountered along the way.


Women Rising IX: International Changemakers – Honoring Elder Women Activists (encore edition)

This Women’s Desk program is a special collaboration with the Women Rising Radio Project, Lynn Feinerman and Crown Sephira Productions.