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New Orleans Now: Rebuilding and Defending the Versailles Vietnamese Community

On this edition, correspondent Ngoc Nguyen takes us to Versailles. As the community struggles to rebuild, they face yet another threat to their homes, history and way of life.


Left Forum: Forging A Radical Future

On this edition, we hear selections from the opening panel of the Left Forum, recorded March 9, 2007. The 2007 Left Forum was subtitled: ‘Forging a Radical Political Future,’ but creating leftist vision in today’s world generated some questions: is ‘reform’ alone the best that leftists can hope for? if not, what are steps to deep economic, and social transformation, kinds of organizations needed bring about real change?”


Who Would Jesus Tax?

On this edition, we talk with a single mom and a tax fairness advocate to debunk some myths about how wealth is created and what people can do to change tax policy.


The Color of Wealth (encore edition)

Author and organizer Meizhu Lui was a kitchen worker for 20 years, and she rose through the labor ranks to become president of her local union. Now she’ executive director of United for a Fair Economy, a non-partisan group that raises awareness about the damaging consequences of concentrated wealth and power in the United States.