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Last Stand for Choice in Mississippi (encore edition)

On this edition, with mid-term elections upon us, Making Contact’s Sarah Olson takes a closer look at the Mississippi women fighting for reproductive justice as they try to save the one remaining abortion clinic in the state.


Legacy of Torture

In this special documentary from the Freedom Archives, we hear from some of the accused members of the Black Panther party; they describe the torture and how they were targeted for their political activities.


New Orleans Now: Can Art Help Heal a Broken City?

Take a tour with us through the streets and landscapes of New Orleans as we discover creative art displays that reflect the city’s deep cultural roots, the troubled times it faces, and the sense of hope being nurtured in the midst of Katrina’s rubble.


Human Rights and the African American Experience (encore edition)

On this edition we’ll hear about a deep discrepancy at the heart of America’s struggle for civil rights and human rights.