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Queer Youth Challenges (encore edition)

On this edition, we’ll take a look at the unique perspective of LGBTQ youth on such topics as foster care, childhood sexual abuse, and disability.


Nuclear Ambitions and Double Standards

On this edition, we’ll look at the recent nuclear power deal between the United States and India, which critics say could spark a nuclear arms race in South Asia.


Nepal’s Call for Democracy

The demonstrations forced the King to restore parliament, but on this edition, as Reese Erlich reports from Kathmandu, the democracy movement demands that the King give up power altogether. In a second segment, Erlich talks with tourists who, despite the turmoil in Nepal, are still trekking around.


Iraq and the Changing Peace Movement

On this edition, we take a look at where the anti-war movement is heading.


The Long Walk to Abolish the Death Penalty

On this edition, Making Contact’s Sarah Olson takes us on this 25-mile journey on a cool, sunny day on February 20th. It’s a walk of protest, peace, and compassion.