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Rethinking AIDS Treatment: The Brazilian Model (encore edition)

Independent producer Reese Erlich reports from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil about grassroots groups who have successfully educated sex workers and many others on the dangers of AIDS.


Nuking the Neighborhood

On this edition, we’ll hear how the world’s most powerful weapons, nuclear bombs, shaped the identity of two rural communities in the United States during the 1960s


Women Rising IV: International Changemakers Women as Religious Activists (encore edition)

In this program we profile three courageous women struggling with religious issues.


Lifeline to Kashmir

On this edition, we’ll hear from one grassroots organization that has close and personal ties to Kashmir, as they bring aid directly along with a message of hope to the people effected by the 7-point-six earthquake.


Got Rights? Global Women’s Voices for Health and Humanity

From the rise of religious fundamentalism and the implementation of the “global gag rule” to neo-liberal economics and environmental justice, the common thread running through the 10th annual International Women and Health Meeting was improved human rights for women.