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Human Rights and the African American Experience

On this edition we’ll hear about one of the true ironies of the American civil rights movement is that while the U.S. was trying to lead the way in developing a framework for international human rights, it was leaving its own citizens behind, refusing to acknowledge the systematic social abandonment of African Americans.


Tased… and Abused?

On this edition, we take a look at the trouble over Taser International, the biggest brand name in stun gun technology, hearing from a number of sources close to the controversy: including law enforcement, activists, medical experts, company spokespeople, and one woman who says a Taser contributed to the death of her husband.


Debating the Death Penalty

On this edition, we’ll hear from several sides of the debate over the death penalty, and about what two California lawmakers are doing to halt future executions.


The New Green Revolution

On this edition, we take a look at the challenges rural people face, and the growing international movement to gain land rights.