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Plan Colombia: Drug War Without End

Independent producer Reese Erlich visits rural farmers and urban shanty towns in Colombia, and talks with high ranking Colombian politicians to learn about Plan Colombia, an effort to reduce cocaine production.


Land for Those Who Work It

On this edition Associate Producer Pauline Bartolone guides us through the daily lives of those seeking agrarian reform in southern Brazil.


Kurds: From Oppressed to Oppressors

On this edition, correspondent Aaron Glantz takes an in depth look at the six million Kurds in Iraq, their years of suffering under Saddam Hussein’s regime, and their drive towards an independent country in the future.


Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

On this edition, Correspondent Reed Lindsay takes a look at the offensive launched by the U.S.-backed Haitian government against supporters of the former president.


Women’s Movements in Palestine

On this edition, correspondent Sarah Olson talks with Palestinian women about their experiences fighting for peace, democracy and gender equality.