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Seeing Red: Marshalling Cultural Anger in Middle America

On this edition, we’ll hear from Thomas Frank, author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas: How Conservatives Won the Political Heart of America.”


Capturing Dreams: Race and Public Policy in the United States

On this edition, we’ll hear from leaders in the racial justice movement and their visions for a more equitable society.


The Third Option – Assisted Suicide

In 1994, Oregonians voted to make doctor assisted suicide legal, the only law of its type in United States. On this edition, correspondent Barbara Bernstein speaks with activists and analysts on both sides of the issue.


Who Owns Our Water? Profits vs. Public Interest

On this edition, we’ll take a look at water as a basic human right. We’ll hear about a plan to privatize water services in Lagos, Nigeria, and we’ll hear about how activists in Maui, Hawaii are working to recover the island’s water sources for public use.