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Unauthorized Disclosure: Blowing the Whistle on Government Crimes

On this edition, we hear from former federal employees who jeopardized their careers to expose official wrongdoing and hear about Daniel Ellsberg’s latest whistleblowing activities.


A New York Welcome: Protesters Respond to the Republican Agenda

On this edition, correspondent Pauline Bartolone takes us on an audio tour of the protests outside the largest demonstration against a political convention in U.S. history.


Reaching for Peace in the Holy Land

On this week’s edition of Making Contact, Israeli women defend Palestinian human rights at military checkpoints near Jerusalem.


The Struggle for Food

On this week’s edition we hear from people delivering fresh organic food to under-served neighborhoods, from farmers striking a balance between sustainability and survival, and from a biologist who became involved in a political struggle after discovering genetically contaminated corn in Mexico.


Election Watch ’04: Working Hard for Change

On this edition, we explore the economic anxieties driving voters – such as access to health insurance, affordable childcare, and livable wages.