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Refugees of Development: India and Multinationals

On this edition, we take a close-up look at a small town in Southern India and their struggle against Coca Cola, as well as hear from an Indian journalist and activist Nityanand Jayaraman, who has been following the impact of multi-national corporations in India.


Deadly Extractions: Oil and Mining Interests in Africa (encore edition)

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at some examples of multinational corporate interests and their effects on people in African nations: In Tanzania a Canadian-based corporation is accused of burying alive artisan miners in order to acquire control of a gold mine; and, the drive for oil has sparked political and social upheavals in Sudan and Angola.


Courage Under Fire: Resistance to War

On this edition of Making Contact, we’ll take a look at resistance in Rwanda during the nationwide call for genocide in 1994, Japanese American activism during World War II, and the legacy of draft-registration resistance and conscientious objection since the Vietnam War.


ElectionWatch ’04: Taxonomics: Federal Tax Cuts and the Budget Deficit

On this edition of ElectionWatch ’04, we take a look at how Bush’s tax cuts impact the economy, state budgets, and small businesses.