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Empty Promises? NAFTA at 10

On this edition of Making Contact, we hear from people who are working on the front lines of so-called free trade-farmers and a fisherman-and get their perspectives on corporate-led economic globalization.


Queer as Youth (encore edition)

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the hostile climate for LGBT youth, youth activism in schools, and a new radio show in Chicago for queer Latino youth.


Women Rising II: International Changemakers Women in Peace and Antimilitarism

On this program we profile four women changemakers: Laura Slattery left a career in the US Military to become a nonviolent activist against militarism; Amneh Badran spearheads a Palestinian-Israeli feminist peace coalition; Paula Green brings conflict transformation worldwide to the victims of war; and Hyun-Back Chung heads a South Korean effort to mediate peace between the United States and North Korea.


ElectionWatch ’04 Pushing Medicare: The Health Industry and Public Subsidies for Prescription Drugs

On this edition of Making Contact’s ElectionWatch ’04, a monthly special from the National Radio Project, we take a look at Medicare and prescription drugs.


Occupied with Peace: Jewish Responses to the Mideast Conflict (encore edition)

On this edition of Making Contact, you’ll hear the viewpoints of Israeli Jews and Jewish Americans who are part of an international peace movement to end the violence in the Middle East and hear about an American activist who put her life on the line in the Occupied Territories