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radio stories and voices to take action

Radio Mobilizing Communities (encore edition)

On this edition, we’ll hear about street children in India making and broadcasting their own radio shows in the marketplace, and a Native American-run radio station at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. We’ll also take a look at low-powered community radio.


Spill-Over: Plan Colombia and U.S. Interests in the Andean Region

On this edition, we hear from leaders in Colombian civil society about what they view as Plan Colombia’s broader strategy: regional dominance by U.S. military and economic interests.


Journey to Justice: Carlos Mauricio’s Story

Carlos Mauricio was one of the few political prisoners who survived the most brutal period of military repression in El Salvador. On this edition, correspondent Jon Watanabe chronicles Carlos’ remarkable journey in search of justice and, ultimately, healing for himself and his country.


ElectionWatch ’04 The Texas Two-Step: Bush, Corporate Cash, and Environmental Rollbacks

On this edition of Making Contact – the second of our monthly ElectionWatch ’04 series- we take a look at how the oil, gas, mining and electric utilities industries have influenced the Bush Administration’s environmental policies and the impact on communities located near industrial facilities.